This policy is applicable to all the Sellers (hereinafter referred to as “Sellers”) registered on (hereinafter referred to as “VIRTUAL MENTORS”) and by listing their products on BTS unanimously agree and abide by all the terms mentioned below. CD/DVD, USB/Pen Drives, Tablets, SD Cards, Printed Material will be referred to as “Tangible Products”. Term “Shipping” means transfer or movement of sold Tangible Products from Seller to the User (hereinafter referred to as “Customer” or “User”) destination. “Shipping Source” means Seller’s present location from where the Tangible Product is shipped. “Shipping Destination” means User’s or Customer’s Postal Address provided to VIRTUAL MENTORS at the time of placing the order.

Shipment Details–

All the Tangible Products sold on VIRTUAL MENTORS will be shipped by the Seller and they will be solely responsible for the delivery of the product. Seller has to take utmost care of shipping the right products to the right Users. Seller has to make sure that all the packaging material used for shipping the product will be of best quality and correctly packaged in order to make sure that the products reach the Shipping Destination undamaged. Sellers before registering on VIRTUAL MENTORS will provide a list of Pin Codes served by them in order to avoid wrong purchases for uncovered pin codes. Sellers after shipping the products will share or notify the Courier Tracking details to VIRTUAL MENTORS and to the Customer via SMS or Email. All the shipments should be dispatched within 24 – 48 hours after the purchase notification is sent to